silverwhistle (silverwhistle) wrote in oltramar,

WTF? I mean, seriously.... WTF?!

There have been some utterly bizarre examples of Porntagenet fiction, but I've now identified what was one of the loopiest I ever saw (and am happy to say, never did more than leaf through in Woolworth's in St Andrews in the 1980s). Yeah, we know The Lion in Winter slashed Phil and Richard: but Jill M Phillips' The Rain Maiden, which had a misleadingly Art Nouveau cover (which was what I had noticed in Woolies) and purportedly is about Phil's short-lived first wife, Isabelle of Hainault, slashes poor old Phil with everyone: the entire lot of male Angevins. Oh, and Conrad as well, on crusade. One reviewer has supplied a table of the pairings. No-one would ever have got any work done if that had been the case...

(And it clearly doesn't seem to register with some authors that the strong ties between some of these characters were because they were effectively family. For Philippe, an only son, the Angevin boys were the nearest thing he had to real brothers: his father's ex-wife's children. Moreover, one was his brother-in-law, and another was supposed to be... Conrad was Louis VII's cousin, so would perhaps have seemed like an uncle to Philippe.)
Tags: historical fiction
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