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This community has been formed for people with a historical, as well as movie-based, interest in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem and its leading personalities, especially in 12C. Historical chat, is fanfic (historical or Kingdom of Heaven inspired), but no non-canonical slash, please, or sexploitation-fic. Please also note that this is an international community: debating historical issues is fine, and fun, but please treat other members as you would wish to be treated.


Primary & Reference:

Original Languages:

Gallica - Bibliothèque Nationale Française site - For free downloads as PDFs. Includes the Recueil des Historiens des Croisades, and various volumes from the English 'Rolls' series of chronicle texts. Run a search ("recherche") on the word "croisade" or "croisades". "Télécharger" means "download".

Monumenta Germaniæ Historica - Latin chronicle texts, not just from the HRE, but also from France, England, Italy and other places. Lots of useful stuff, which you can see if you click open the folders. Also contains some material in German.

Latin Vulgate Bible - This is the version used in the Middle Ages, often quoted in letters, tracts and chronicles; with English translation.

The Anglo-Norman Hub - This includes an Anglo-Norman Dictionary which is also useful for Old French in general.

Lexique de l'Ancien Français - Old French-Modern French dictionary.

Lexic Occitan Medieval - Mediæval Occitan-Modern French Dictionary.

Lexic Englés-Occitan - English-Modern Occitan Dictionary.

Middle High German-Modern German Dictionary, by Lexer.

Middle High German-Modern German Dictionary, by Benecke, Müller & Zarncke.

Latin WORDS - A Latin dictionary for your computer, does Latin-English, and English-Latin.


De Re Militari List of Primary Source links.

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